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Oxford Chipcytometry Days

The Chipcytometry User Meeting, Wednesday, December 2nd 2015 University of Oxford, Peter Medawar Building for Pathogen Research Chipcytometry is a fairly new technology enabling deep immune cell phenotyping and biobanking of precious (clinical) samples. Chris Willberg’s group participates in Zellkraftwerk’s … Continue reading

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Zellkraftwerk public SOPs

Find below the links to our public SOPs for sample preparation: SOP DATE human PBMC 2013-11-08 human whole blood / erythrocyte lysis 2014-03-14 human CSF 2013-09-29 human BALF cells 2012-11-01 primary cells from short-term cell culture 2012-11-01 leukocytes from mouse … Continue reading

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Publications describing aspects of the technology   A versatile platform for comprehensive chip-based explorative cytometry. Hennig C, Adams N, Hansen G. Cytometry A. 2009.   Publications using Chipcytometry Gain-of-function STAT1 mutations are associated with intracranial aneurysms. Dadak M, Jacobs R, … Continue reading

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Mission accomplished: Longterm cellculture on ZellSafe chips works :-)

We often have been asked if it would be possible to seed cells on our chips and let them grow until confluency and perform assays followed by Chipcytometry on these cells. Well, in theory it should work since the chips … Continue reading

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ZellExplorer – Quick Guide Datawizzard

Datawizzard – How to… Start Datawizzard   Select a marker   Exclude/include marker from analysis   Rename displayed marker caption   IMAGE VIEW Select cell   Add cell Click on any position on the image. Change cell size Place mouse … Continue reading

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ZellExplorer UI

ZellExplorer App – The User Interface   USER INTERFACES Login Main Window Project Management Store User Management Datawizzard Info-window Sample Segmentation/Value Gates Histogram Channel view Raw-Image 2D-Plot Statistics Order Markers Order Scans Chip batch editor Qualify sample       … Continue reading

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ZellScan App

    Start ZellScanner ONE This is the start-up sequence: 1. Switch on the power supplies for the mercury lamp [A] and the microscope [B] IMPORTANT: The mercury lamp takes about 15 minutes to heat-up and self-calibrate. You must not … Continue reading

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ZellExplorer – Quick Guide Projects, Chips, Scans

Projects, Chips, Scans – How to…   Introduction The ZellExplorer App helps the user to keep an overview of running projects, results, but also supports stock management, biorepository functionality for chips and automatic generation of electronic lab book entries for … Continue reading

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ZellScanner ONE system – Overview

  ZellScanner ONE consists of selected hardware und software components that are seamless integrated for an easy-to-use Chipcytometry workflow. The user interfaces follow the principles of minimalistic design – which allows the scientist to focus on the important facts: projects, … Continue reading

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Digital Pathology

Using ZellSafe Tissue chips, we use Chipcytometry to stain cell-bound biomarkers directly in-situ on cryosections and biopsies. Zellkraftwerk partners with drug developers to set-up and execute 30-plex biomarker panels that support oncology drug development programs worldwide. Our assay services are … Continue reading

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